January – very wet!

January 30, 2021 Leave a comment

So let’s have a look at the precipitation numbers for January – it’s over 102mm. That’s a lot of rain! Have a look at the “moat” around our fishpond:

I’ve looked at the average rainfall figures for Billericay & the surrounding areas – it’s looks like the average is just over 50mm in January:

So we’ve had an exceptionally wet January here in Billericay! Roll on February – hopefully it will be a bit drier…

I’ll update this post with a longer analysis of January’s weather soon.

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Weather Website Woes!

January 24, 2021 Leave a comment

Since setting up my trial of PWS Dashboard, I’ve been trying to get it working with a domain name that I have purchased – brightsideweather.uk.

In trying to sort it all out on the web hosting server, I managed to break the website! So I have started from square one – with a new “hidden” address at the hosting provider. I’ve managed to get it back up and running – it is now working correctly. I’ve learned my lesson – don’t fiddle with what you don’t understand!!

So my weather website is up again at brightsideweather.uk/. My dashboard has been “off-air” between 19th Jan & 24th Jan, but the records for my PWS are available from Wunderground.

Now that my PWS Dashboard is back online, I am also once again posting my data to:

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December Weather Almanac

January 4, 2021 Leave a comment

I thought that I should write an update for each month with the weather headlines from the previous month.

Here’s a summary of the key numbers….

Temp13.8 oC-3.1 oC5.7 oC
Precipitation115.8 mm
Wind Speed19.6 mph1.1 mph
Max Gust26.3 mph

We had a spell of heavy rain on 3rd Dec (18.3mm) & 4th Dec (20.1mm), and another day of rain on 27th Dec (16.3mm), which was when we caught the tail of Storm Bella. The winds peaked at 26.3mph – the location of my Weather Station is too low to catch the full energy of the wind.

I have compared my PWS with the data from the Writtle weather station which recorded a max gust of 33 mph. Another local PWS in Chelmsford recorded 26.5 mph.

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Personal Weather Station – now online

December 28, 2020 Leave a comment

I’ve spent some time recently to put my Personal Weather Station data online using a new platform. You can see my weather data here, and a quick look at a screen grab:

My PWS data can also be seen here on these weather sites:

PWS Weather – a nice graphical interface

Met Office WoW (Weather Observations Website) – sharing my data with the UK’s Met Office

Wunderground – the original repository of my data. Rather ad heavy, but the best site to see my PWS history

There’s lots of added value on the links that you’ll find on my original site (when it’s working again). And it’s quite easy to see the history of my weather data. Also I’m going to have a go at doing a monthly summary using my data.

Please do let me know what you think…

It’s been pouring down…

December 4, 2020 Leave a comment

So we had about 40mm of rain in over 24 hours here in Billericay. We headed out to the Rodings to buy a Christmas Tree, but there were many big floods on the roads, and we were defeated by a flood near the Christmas Tree farm!

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NAS thoughts

December 3, 2020 Leave a comment

As part of my home office set-up I decided to install a NAS (Network Attached Storage) and move all of my pictures and audio etc onto storage that is backed up rather than just one drive in a PC. I know that I could have just done the cloud thing with Dropbox, iCloud etc – for a lot less money, but I’m thinking that I might get into serving the audio content directly to my Roberts Radios using DNLA….

Initially I got some good advice from my techie friends and colleagues on Facebook. Without question Synology was the preferred platform – it was just how many bays and how much storage do you need / can you afford….

So I made a Black Friday investment with Scan.com and purchased a Synology DS220j with 2 x 3TB drives – pretty much “budget” entry level – don’t show the invoice to the Mrs!

I’m still setting up the NAS before migrating the files across. Also I need to identify a good, but low cost photo management program, and to do a big housekeeping job on what appears to be multiple iTunes libraries on my current PC.

Perhaps a job for a rainy day over Christmas?

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Cataract – Post Check-up done

December 3, 2020 Leave a comment

Yesterday was a milestone – five weeks since my cataract op, so it was time for a check-up. That was carried out at my local branch of Specsaver – I received the “all clear” to return to normal activity, which means I can clear a few leaves in the garden and not worry about getting dust in my eye etc….

Also I was able to have my eyes tested for new glasses. I have to say that it was not much fun trying on glasses with a face covering on, but I managed to choose frames, which will hopefully suit me.

I learned something new – that alongside regular varifocals (distance and reading combined), you can also get “Occupational Varifocals” – combining the intermediate distance (for screen work) and reading. Since most of my work is spent in front of a screen – particularly in working from home mode, I chose to take the (partially free) second pair. So I left over £300 lighter, but hopefully I will collect some glasses which will be optically suitable and suitably designer looking!

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My Personal Weather Station

November 14, 2020 Leave a comment

I’ve been running a personal weather station for a few years…

It started with a very basic unit from Maplin – it had wind, temperature and rain sensors. After I broke the wind sensor, I upgraded to another Maplin unit, which lasted about 3 years before dying. It was actually made by Fine Offset and also sold as an Ambient Weather WS-1002-WiFi. I think that the companies in China make their hardware and sell it to multiple different suppliers.

I am now running a Bresser 6-in-1 weather station that I brought from the Weather Shop (weathershop.co.uk) about six months ago. Why did I choose this one? Well I didn’t feel that I had the budget for a Davis Instruments station, and I liked the promise of a 5yr warranty, once you have registered on Bresser’s website. The Bresser Unit looks like so many other weather stations – I believe that it’s actually made by CCL Electronic in China. However if a German company are going to put their name on it and give a 5yr warranty what’s not to like? I wanted a replacement for a dead weather station, and I wanted a nice indoor panel that displayed the weather info and linked to my WiFi to upload to Wunderground, as my previous PWS had been doing.

I’ve looked at Apps that will display my PWS data from Wundergound – since the “official” Wundergound app is so bad. My favourite is MyPWS on the iPad and iPhone – it displays the info very well with some nice features – all in the free version. I really must buy the added features as well….

And on an Android handset, I like Meteo PWS Monitor – it shows my data quite well. So I rarely look at the Wundergound website or app.

Here’s a pic of my PWS mounted on the garden fence for ease of access.

You can see my weather data here – https://www.wunderground.com/dashboard/pws/IBILLE18

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Naked Wine

November 9, 2020 Leave a comment

During Lockdown, we also became Naked Wine Angels.

You could also become an Angel. Join me at Naked Wines and get a £80.00 voucher to spend on your first order of £119.99 or more. There’s no obligation to buy again but I reckon you’ll be back for more…


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Cheap Beer!

November 9, 2020 Leave a comment

Since Lockdown in March, I’ve been a member of Beer52 – it’s a beer club that delivers a case of yummy, unusual beers once a month.

Why don’t you try it – here’s a code which will give you a case for half price…


or ask me for a Golden Ticket for a completely FREE case of beer!